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For moments of relaxation

The exotic beauty of Pocahontas marble brings new, traveling air to our moments of relaxation. Unique bathtub with the method of continuous flows that highlights the exceptional colors and designs of the material and solid placement for a sense of cohesion.

Invitation for moments of calm

A unique bathtub, lined with Parnonas marble with the bookmatch technique, in combination with corner shelves made of glittering Thassos marble for relaxation and functionality.

Dancing with the water

The bookmatch technique emphasizes the natural beauty of Xiropotamos marble to create an unparalleled aesthetic bathtub.

Combined with Thassos marble on the corner shelves, it intensifies the functionality of the space and offers an impressive contrast.

Simplicity at its best

White, the ultimate color for moments of relaxation and rest. A timeless Dionysos marble bathtub, decorated with lined walls and an entrance arch for a sense of luxury.

The ultimate luxury

The aesthetics meet the luxury in this exceptional construction of a corner jacuzzi.

Zebri marble, in perfect harmony with the rest of the space, to embrace your most favorite moments.

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