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Dive into art

The glittering white of Thassos ties in with the black marble of Volos for the needs of the designs of a unique swimming pool. This impressive result embraces the pebble of Thassos.

The colors of summer

The best background for the summer blue is the impressive white of Thassos marble, cut in the style of pebbles.

Relax with elegance

With know-how in the use of water cutting, we created unique designs from Thassos marble in pebble cutting and black Volos marble in this impressive pool.

Playing with nature

Playful designs with Thassos and Volos marble for unique creations. Multiple styles with a variety of marbles and materials, such as the colored putty that frames this impressive pool.

Summer with art

For swimming pools that have their own character, we designed special designs from fancy Thassos marble and rich black Volos with the technique of water cutting for absolute detail. White pebbles of Thassos embrace the pool and enhance the feeling of summer carefree.

Unique feeling

Against the backdrop of the rich black of Volos marble and detailed designs of white Thassos, this pool is definitely unique.

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